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Graduate Student Council
University of Mississippi

Travel Grants

The Graduate Student Travel Award program makes available limited support for a graduate student who is first author on a research presentation and/or recognized through an award for original research/scholarship.

    1. The travel award will provide $200 for presentations at professional meetings. However, a $300 grant will be available provided that there is a $300 match from university sources (i.e., from the department or college or external grants). Local/state meetings generally are not eligible for support.

To apply for the Graduate Student Travel Award:

Any student requesting funds must submit a Travel Authorization Form (this link takes you to the form on our Procurement website) and the Graduate Student Travel Form at least 10days prior to the date of the trip.

The following items must accompany the Travel Authorization Form and Graduate Student Travel Form:

  1. Conference announcement
  2. Acceptance letter from the conference
  3. Abstract

***Only students presenting are eligible for funds.

Forms must be signed by the department chair and the student requesting travel funds.

Upon return from the conference, the student must submit a Travel Reimbursement Form(this link takes you to the form on our Procurement website). Only the amounts authorized will be reimbursed. All receipts from your travel MUST be attached to your Travel Reimbursement Form (gas, hotel, registration, flights, etc.)

Due to limited funding, only one award per fiscal year may be granted to an individual. All applications require the signature of the department chair or graduate program coordinator before evaluation and approval by the Graduate School and must be submitted at least 10 days prior to the date of the trip.