Graduate Student Council

University of Mississippi

2018 Graduate Student Council Election Results

Posted on: September 11th, 2018 by mrgenter

Executive Branch: Officers 

GSC President
Christopher Brandt, Department of History
GSC Vice-President
Alexandros Vasios Sivvopoulos, Department of Economics
GSC Secretary
Martin Genter, School of Law
GSC Treasurer
Andreas Vortisch, Department of Economics

Executive Branch: Directors

Director of Professional Development
David Harmon and MaKensey Sanders
Director of Student Affairs
Terrian Garvis
Director of Social and Philanthropic Affairs
Ashley Polk
Director of Communications
Dylan Kimery

Legislative Branch:  GSC Senate


Name, Department
Kristin Bouldin, History
Tom Porter, History
Angelina Mort, School of Law
Fischer Austin, Pharmaceutics
Jasmine Hannah, Social Work
Breana Cook, Social Work
Abhishek Shettar, Pharmaceutics
Alexandra Gilbert, Psychology
Andrew Herren, School of Law
Ann-Elodie Robert, Chemistry
Celine Geday, Philosophy and Religion
Chaz Hyseni, Biology
Chloe Parrish, Journalism
Chris Hill, Health Excercise Science
David Allen III, Pharmacy Admin
David Schultz, Southern Culture
Erik Hodges, Medicinal Chemistry
Ethan Davis, Philosophy and Religion
Gabrielle Vogt, Curriculum and Instruction
Gina Boullion, Psychology
Haley Simmons, Political Science
Hannah Weeks, Leadership and Counselor Edu
Hunter Shirley, Chemistry
Jessica Munoz, Modern Languages
Jiayu Fang Mechanical Engineering
Jimoh Braimoh Modern Languages
Jiwon Lee, Music
Jules English, Curriculum and Instruction
Kayla Lindquist, Nutrition & Hospitality
Kyle Baggerly, Leadership and Counselor
Lawrence Ogbeifun, Economics
Maisha Bulaya, Legal Studies
Mary Berman, English
Monika Salkar, Pharmacy Admin
Nypherria White, Legal Studies
Phil Kains, Mathematics
Sara Jennings, Accountancy
Sarah Amonett, Biology
Sumanetra Ghosh, Economics